An experience for faith-filled ladies ready to take their business to a whole new level.

Chayil "Kai-eel" Mastermind is a year of growth, God, and business.

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    Gretchen Heinen

    Founder & CEO at NetWorthIt

    Who am I?

    I believe that money is a resource and a tool that God gives us to show up big in our calling. God gave me the ability to earn more than $1,000,000 in my businesses and you can too. As the founder of Net Worth It School and Podcast, I help people create businesses out of their talents and ideas and change their financial legacy for future generations using a faith based approach.

    Who is Chayil for?

    This experience isn't right for everyone. However, it may be right for you if:

    • You feel completely overwhelmed by all there is to do in your business each week but don’t yet have the resources to hire it all out.
    • Have zero employees or subcontractors and no budget to hire.
    • Spend a lot of your time creating content, sending marketing emails and looking for people to join your programs.
    • Feel like your family is suffering and you need a vacation.
    • Are ready to let go of control and let someone better than you take on tasks.
    • Desire to put your full trust in God and Jesus for your business and life.
    • Desire to be a woman of valor.

    What's included in Chayil?

    • One year of private life coaching from a pastor that specializes in helping Christian women to overcome fears and limiting beliefs.
    • One year of an accountability group of 10 people you will meet with to set goals, pray together and watch God move.
    • One year of 1:1 access to Gretchen in bi-weekly calls for help with systems in your business, structure and leadership.
    • 2 modern wilderness retreats to deepen your faith, grow your business acumen, recharge, and have breakthroughs in your life .
    • Starting and implementing a team of 3-6 unpaid interns to run your business (PR, Marketing, Sales, Community Specialist, Branding).
    • A complete overhaul of your systems so they are automated and communicate with each other with outside OBM support.
    • Girlfriends who get you, are rooted in faith and work as hard as you but also feel like hustle is the thief of joy.
    • Healing. This is a sacred year and place to let out all that you have been.


    When is the mastermind?

    Chayil Mastermind is from:

    January 15, 2023-November 15, 2023

    What is the investment?

    Early Bird Pricing

    (Ends October 31, 2022)

    PAID IN FULL: $12,497

    *Financing options available

    When are the retreats?

    Late February 2023: Puerto Rico

    Early November 2023: Phoenix, AZ

    What will we do?

    On alternating weeks you will either meet with our pastor/mentor to grow your mindset, beliefs and spiritual walk with God OR you will meet with our business coaches to get your business more structured and organized and revenue flowing. Monthly you will meet with the whole group via Zoom except on retreat months.

    Additionally, you will hire a team of unpaid interns to mentor them in business and in return they will do social media, PR booking, email marketing and community management. We provide the roadmap to effortlessly do this.

    All this is included in the investment?

    Yes! The only thing you are responsible on top of the investment is your flights to the 3 locations and transportation to the retreat home.