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5 DAILY habits tHat increase sales


Do you feel like you’re stuck and not growing your business income?

Have you been checking your phone constantly?

You are stuck in the 'scroll hole' (hey, it's a legit term LOL) and we are lifting you out with this free 5 day challenge known as Dreams Over Screens.

If you're a faith based entrepreneur who is sick of cold selling and bad advice, you're in the right place. Hundreds of people like you have taken our Dreams Over Screens challenge and received life-changing results - check out the testimonials at the end of the video.

How the challenge works:

For the next 5 days, you'll receive a short video & worksheet from me with the action you should and shouldn't be taking. On day 5, you will have a completely different business strategy!

Ready to take back your brain, time and sanity? Join the challenge below!

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